“Real faces” in Skyrim, the first opinions on Top Gun 2, a Tesla Model 3 becomes a 6-ton tank, that’s the recap!

A player reproduces her face in Skyrim with great realism, the verdict of the specialized press on Top Gun 2, YouTubers customize a Tesla Model 3 to make it a tank, here is the recap!

A Skyrim player has managed to recreate her face and that of her father in game. The first reviews of Top Gun 2 are out. A Tesla Model 3 becomes an all-terrain electric tank. On to the recap!

Skyrim: playing with your face is possible

There are still many followers of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. And while the sequel is still waiting, a player had fun recreating her face and that of her father in the game. Even if the character creation tool is rather well provided, AureliaRiddle used a slew of mods in order to obtain the most faithful result possible. Suffice to say that the bet is more than successful!

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Faces recreated in Skyrim with fidelity – Credit: u/AureliaRiddle on Reddit

Top Gun 2: triumphant return or failure?

Top Gun: Maverick will burst into theaters on May 25. As usual, the specialized press was able to preview the film in order to give its first opinions. On Rotten Tomatoes, it is clear that praise is raining on this second opus, a journalist even mentioning a “great cinematic escape show”. Among the rare negative reviews, an observer regrets that the film remains “stuck in his nostalgia”.

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A Tesla Model 3 that will stop at nothing

Some resourceful people do not hesitate to customize Tesla vehicles in order to give them additional capabilities. Recently, German videographers performed on a Model 3 in order to make it an all-terrain electric tank. A challenge accomplished even if it was not easy to install the two tracks, each weighing 1.3 tonnes on the scale. Proud of their work, YouTubers offered Elon Musk to test the beast.

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The Tesla Model 3 transformed into an electric tank – Credit: The Real Life Guys / YouTube

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