Ray Tracing and faster games

Apple has updated its Metal graphics API to version 3. New features have been introduced to improve graphics and load times.

June 7 update : On its developer page, Apple has provided some additional details about the new version of Metal. Indeed, Metal 3 integrates new features of Ray Tracing, allowing to reduce the use of the GPU and the processor. The apple brand addresses in particular the possibility of calculating light reflections in real time. What make the games once again prettier and faster.

Apple’s Metal API (which can be compared to the Vulkan API on Android) was designed to improve the graphics and 3D rendering of games and applications on macOS and iOS. Apple has just lifted the veil, during WWDC 2022, on Metal 3, the latest version of its low-level API.

Better graphics quality

Two novelties have been addressed by Apple. The first is the MetalFX Upscaling function. This will allow developers to offer visually rich scenes while being less greedy for the processor and the graphics chip. This makes possible a scaling of the definition of the images (spatial upscaling) as well as the application of a temporal antialiasing so as not to undergo visually unpleasant phenomena.

WWDC 2022 –  June 6 _ Apple 1-25-23 screenshot

Faster Games

The second novelty makes it possible to reduce the loading time of scenes in video games. The latter will be able to take advantage of the API to allow the GPU to access the data present on the storage of the device more quickly by transferring them to the unified RAM of the chips.

WWDC 2022 –  June 6 _ Apple 1-24-53 screenshot

Two new games coming soon

Apple took the opportunity to announce the arrival of two games under macOS: Resident Evil Village and No Man’s Sky. It will also make its arrival on the iPad. We can expect more and more games on macOS, since the Apple M1 and Apple M2 chips make it very easy for developers to “port” their iOS games to macOS and vice versa.

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