Password compromised? Google Assistant now helps you change it

Google is starting to roll out a new Google Assistant feature to help the user change their password when it’s compromised. A novelty that we have been waiting for almost a year.

Google is rolling out a feature that will make changing passwords more convenient // Credit: Kai Wenzel / Unsplash

Google announced last year that it would gradually release a new feature allowing Google Assistant, in Chrome for Android, to largely automate the replacement of a password when it is compromised. However, this promise had not really materialized. Only a handful of users had so far been able to test this novelty. Today, Android Police reports that its large-scale rollout appears to have finally begun.

As a reminder, the concept of this new feature is quite simple: if one of your passwords stored on Google Chrome is compromised, or does not have a sufficient level of security, Google Assistant will let you know through from a pop-up window. You will then be allowed to ignore the alert, or automatically replace the exposed password. Google Assistant will take care of (almost) everything, at least after you give it permission.

Changing passwords finally becomes practical… but not everywhere

If you choose to change your password automatically, Google Assistant will send you directly to the corresponding service or website, in order to create a new one manually or automatically (it will then be generated by Google Assistant). As Android Police specifies, the assistant can manage the entire process on its own, but it is also possible to take over at any time.

Google Assistant being able to change breached passwords >>>>>

— Max Weinbach (@MaxWinebach) May 3, 2022

Note however that this automation is not possible in all cases. Some sites still require manual intervention for password replacement. Google should nevertheless gradually push the sites concerned to get up to speed to authorize automatic replacement via Google Assistant.

Remember at the same time that it is always possible to force the verification of your passwords by going to the Chrome settings, under the Passwords section. The compromised identifiers then reveal a blue command allowing them to be changed manually or automatically, depending on the sites concerned.

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