“Nothing obliges Real Madrid to play in the Champions League”

PSG President Nasser Al-Khelaifi gave an interview to the daily Marca. He returned to the soap opera Mbappé.

Zidane was an option for PSG? “About Zidane, I want to say something important. I liked him a lot as a player and also as a coach. I like him, but we never talked to him, directly or indirectly. . I respect him a lot. Things have come out in the press but we’ve never spoken with him.”

Mbappé’s decision has been widely criticized in Spain. Can you give us your version of his choice? “I have great respect for Real as a club, they’re a big club, but Kylian never decided to extend for the money. That’s the first thing. Real’s offer was better than ours. He is our player and there were other clubs than Real, in England, but he chose PSG. He was above all interested in the sporting project. He is Parisian, he is French and he wanted stay to stay their city, their country, their club. Money is not important to them.”

According to Florentino Perez, the player changed his mind 10 days before. When did you think he was going to extend? “I don’t know what Real say. Me, I’ve known for 18 months that Kylian wanted to stay. I heard that they were saying in Madrid that Kylian wanted to play there, but it’s not true. We’re talking about the last offer from Real but last summer they offered €170 or €180m. Which means that, plus the salary, it was a higher offer than ours. I refused €180m and people called me crazy because he could walk away for free but I knew Kylian was going to stay I know him and his family I know what he wants I hear Madrid’s disappointment but it’s not fair to talk about Mbappé that way.”

The Superleague is still alive according to the three founders. And for you ? “For me, she’s already dead. But it’s weird. Real won the Champions League and they deserved it, on the one hand they want to win it, they celebrated it for almost a week. . and on the other hand they don’t like to play it. If you’re not happy with it, you don’t have to play it.”

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