No Apple car according to the CEO of Wolkswagen

The CEO of volkswagen says it is certain thatApple intends to expand CarPlay, but don’t think it’s likely to produce its own Apple Car. Apple has publicly stated that it plans to equip more cars with a improved CarPlay system from the end of 2023. Volkswagen’s Herbert Diess, however, thinks that Apple will go no further.

I’m not sure Apple will actually bring any cars to market in the end“, said Diess, as first reported Reuters.It would be a big effort“.

Diess made these remarks during his keynote opening remarks and questions and answers at the beginning of the conference hub.berlinwhich takes place over two days from June 22, 2022. It is not yet known if he was answering a question, or if it was part of his introduction to the event.

According to Reuters, he spoke at this event of his certainty that the Apple brand wants to provide software for what automobile industry call him “cockpit” cars.

And Diess said in 2020 that he was ” eager “ to see the self-driving carApple. ” The incredible valuation and therefore the almost unlimited access to resources inspires us a lot of respect“, he said, in translation.

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