Nick Kyrgios reacts after being criticized for improperly parking his Tesla.

Australian tennis star Nick Kyrgios has admitted he made a mistake and added he made amends after being pulled over by a Sydney resident for parking his lime green Tesla Model X in a marked carpool zone.

This week, a resident of Zetland, a suburb of Sydney, asked fellow residents on Facebook what he should do after he noticed the tennis star was parking his car in a carpool zone.

The resident wouldn’t name Kyrgios, but it didn’t take long for other people to figure out who he was talking about. In his post, the resident posted a series of photos of the Tesla car that Kyrgios owns.

“We have a carpool space right outside our building,” the resident said, as quoted by
“Recently, a very well-known and quite notorious tennis player decided that he somehow had the right to park there with his own vehicle.

I don’t want to name the guy and shame him, but he’s very famous and parks in this carpool space most nights, which means anyone who has a Go Get or Car Next Door vehicle doesn’t have the possibility of parking there, as you can see the other night our friends had to park their Car Next Door vehicle illegally behind him because he had parked his car in the carpool space…”


Kyrgios accepted his mistake

“Should I let this guy go because he’s an elite athlete?” asks the resident. “It’s not just a $400 fine that will impact his bank account, far from it, but it’s more based on principle and exemplary practice.

Especially when carpooling aims to reduce pollution, traffic and traffic jams. I’m sure I’ll get a few trolls, but I just thought it was a reasonable question to ask in this group.”

Kyrgios is in Sydney, where he spent time with his girlfriend Costen Hatzi and her family. Once the post spread, Hatzi’s sister Mary defended Kyrgios saying he didn’t know it was a carpool spot and added that he was going to move his car .

Later, Kyrgios responded in a clip uploaded to his social media. “I parked in the right spot, made amends,” Kyrgios said in the clip posted to his social media.

“Sorry for my inconvenient parking for a day, I finally parked in the right place. We are in the middle of an NRL season guys, so let’s talk about the other sports athletes, not where I park … Everything is fine now”

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