New photos of Apple Park captured by drone

Imagined by Norman Foster, Apple Park and its 260,000 square meters sits proudly as Silicon Valley’s most recognizable corporate headquarters. Opened in April 2017, the place has just celebrated its fifth anniversary and continues to attract many curious people who, however, can only visit a dedicated shop, separate from the real offices.

David Sexton, a reader of 9to5Mac, took advantage of the obvious absence of a good number of employees due to the coronavirus to fly his drone above the famous address. We discover premises generally quite empty, but with despite everything a few silhouettes reminding us that the telework is losing ground as Apple’s management wishes.

© David Sexton

Minimalism and excess

This is not the first time that images of Apple Park have reached us, as a recent illustrated file published in the magazine (also English-speaking) reminds us. wallpaper. Seen from the sky, however, we can see a certain XXL scale that photos immortalized indoors do not always make it possible to apprehend.

In front of the cafeteria, the number of tables and wooden benches or chairs, for example, is particularly eloquent compared to the small number of employees who seem ready to eat their meals there. For now, they don’t have to leave their homes more than one day a week, but by May 23 it will be necessary to be present on site at least three times more. A date repeatedly postponed following reminders of the COVID-19 epidemic, which has ended up drying up in recent months.

Apple Park

© David Sexton

Other discoveries in June?

If you want to get a closer look at Apple Park, there’s a solution – and it’s almost the only one: register for WWDC. Planned from June 6 to 10, 2022this media and developer-only conference attracts thousands of app makers each year but has been held online only for two years, for reasons you can guess.

Next month, on the other hand, return to the fold: it is indeed the Steve Jobs Theater (see below) which will host Tim Cook’s keynote address. Installed on the same ground, the auditorium offers a breathtaking view of the rest of the facilities also imagined by Steve Jobs and Jony Ive.

Apple Park

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