Netflix continues to walk on the flowerbeds of Apple Arcade

Netflix just released a short video showcasing some of the 50 games that should be available on its service by the end of the year. There is food and drink: games inspired by The casa de papel or Ladies game, a Hello Kitty title, others for very occasional gamers… But we can also discover several titles that seriously inspire and that we would have liked to see arrive on Apple Arcade. Some studios present on the Cupertino service have even visibly sided with Netflix.

The video-on-demand service has managed to obtain exclusivity on certain titles that should tempt players: among other things, we can see the mobile version of Kentucky Route Zero or Spiritfarer, two very well received titles sold for more than 20 € on Steam. We also discover images of Immortality, the next game from Sam Barlow (creator of Her Story) that FMV fans are eagerly awaiting.

If Netflix steals some great opportunities from Apple, Apple has obviously lost the loyalty of certain studios. The video presents for example the sequel to an Apple Arcade title: this is the case of Reigns: Three Kingdoms, the sequel to Reigns: Beyond. Recently, we learned that the ustwo studio had signed with Netflix for exclusivity on its next game called Desta. The studio’s previous productions (Monument Valley, Assemble With Care or Alba) are all available on Apple Arcade. Would Netflix be more careful with developers than Apple?


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