Led for a long time, PSG draw against Kiel in the first leg of the Champions League

One minute. This is the time that Paris will have led, this Wednesday, in the quarter-finals of the Champions League against Kiel. Before racing behind the whole game. And to hang the draw (30-30), finally not such a bad operation before the return match, next Thursday (8:45 p.m.) in Germany where the mission will be simple: they will have to win, or draw by scoring 31 goals or more . In a more hostile atmosphere than in this boiling Coubertin, where a hundred ultras, bare-chested for the most part, set fire for two hours, including warm-up.

Paris made it difficult from the start by failing on Niklas Landin twice (including a penalty) and losing the balls. Result, a 5-0 conceded (1-5, 8th). But the flash came from Vincent Gérard. The last Parisian rampart first saved a ball from -5 (9th), then put it back to allow Nikola Karabatic to score in the empty cage of Kiel, who had released his goalkeeper (5-8, 12th), raising a notch still a boiling atmosphere. A double save on the two pivots of Kiel, Hendrik Pekeler then Patrick Wiencek (14th), caused the temperature to explode for good.

Former Parisian Sander Sagosen particularly booed at team presentation

Gérard harangued the public, Kamil Syprzak did the same after each penalty caused, then Nedim Remili after each positive action. Luc Steins ran all over the field (3 goals in the first period) and Paris finally equalized through Benoît Kounkoud (11-11, 21st). The ball to pass in front never came, however, and it was on the contrary Kiel who resurfaced with a numerical superiority game (without a goalkeeper). Domagoj Duvnjak, an old veteran, and the former Parisian Sander Sagosen (2017-2020), particularly booed at the presentation of the teams, allowed the “Zèbras”, their nickname, to resume their ease (14-19, 34th).

Steins, he was taken in strict and helpless, this time. So it was Nedim Remili who took matters into his own hands. The southpaw cleared every corner of Landin’s cage – what a skylight on a missile 10 yards out of balance! – and PSG picked up again (24-24, 49th), then survived a cold-blooded Germans who never fell behind in the score, helped by a solid Landin in goal (11 saves including 3 penalties) . Solid in the head, the teammates of Luka Karabatic were also. They will probably have to be even more so next week if they want to see the Final Four in Cologne again (June 18 and 19).


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