Joe Biden welcomes the creation of the first union in an American Apple Store

“I’m proud of them. Workers have the right to determine under what conditions they will work or not work. » It was with these words that Joe Biden commented on the creation of the first union in an American Apple Store this weekend.

“Everyone is doing better [grâce aux syndicats]including the final product”added the Democratic president who had already welcomed the birth of a union at Amazon in the spring. “In my opinion, unions are there to give dignity and respect to hard-working people”he said then.

Joe Biden in 2019. Image Gage Skidmore (CC BY-SA)

This enthusiasm is not shared by Apple’s management. If the company has not yet made any comment for the time being, Deirdre O’Brien, the head of human resources and head of Apple stores, had moved herself to the Apple Store in Towson Town Center to discourage its employees from grouping together.

A visit in vain, about two thirds of the employees of this address in Baltimore, on the east coast of the country, voted to unionize. This union was created with a view to obtaining wage increases and better working conditions. Apple management believes that these organizations in the making in a few other stores could slow down ” [sa] ability to make immediate and widespread changes to improve the experience [de ses employés]. »


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