Is the Tesla brand seriously on the verge of bankruptcy?

While Tesla sells hundreds of thousands of cars worldwide each month, is the brand still at risk of bankruptcy? Elon Musk’s latest statements on this subject are worrying.

Until the mid-2010s, many observers were betting on Tesla’s bankruptcy. Since the marketing of the Model S until the first years of the career of the Model 3, the Californian brand has often passed very close to bankruptcy because of colossal investments and non-existent profits. Difficulties swept away by the recent success of the brand which, in 2021 alone, sold nearly a million cars worldwide and which is now generating profits.

But it seems that the complications linked to the covid crisis have greatly thwarted Elon Musk’s plans. As part of a discussion at the Tesla Owners Club in Silicon Valley, the manufacturer’s boss explains that the factories in Berlin and Texas “are currently losing billions of dollars”. Not only have the shutdowns in China linked to recent outbreaks of covid-19 there significantly hampered car production in the country, but they have also blocked many of the supply chains that Tesla factories in Europe and the United States depend on. United. “The past two years have been a nightmare for our supply chains and we are not out of it yet,” he admits.

Preparing the ground for layoffs?

Does this sensational announcement from Elon Musk mean that Tesla is in danger of bankruptcy for good? Let’s not go too fast, even if the brand’s profits are in free fall in the second half of 2022. Elon Musk is undoubtedly preparing the ground for the layoff of 10% of his workforce worldwide, he who had already declared having “a very bad feeling” a few weeks ago. For the moment in any case, the price of the action Tesla does not rust on the Nasdaq after these disturbing declarations.

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