iPhone 14: Top 7 leaks and rumors about Apple’s smartphone!

The iPhone 14 should be released next September. And there are plenty of rumors about this new Apple product. We share with you the best.

Normally, the iPhone 14 should be released at the end of the year like every new Apple phone. And at the moment, we don’t know much about what’s new in this new phone. We give you a top 7 rumors about this product.

More mini model

Apparently, Apple would like to remove the mini model from its iPhones. For this new iPhone, there will therefore not be this fairly popular format for a few years. The goal, on the other hand, is to make a larger phone while keeping the price low.

Apple wants all homes to enjoy a beautiful screen. The standard format will therefore be around 6 inches and not below as was the case in recent years.

No more top bar

You know, since the iPhone X, at the top of your screen, there is a small black notch around the sound output of your iPhone. According to the latest rumors, the iPhone 14 will mark the end of this notch that Apple no longer finds elegant.

Much better selfie photo quality

Everything could therefore change with the iPhone 14. The camera could go to 48 MP. At the moment, the selfie camera is 12 MP. You can see the difference right away, that’s for sure! In low light the photo quality should be much better.

If the design will change, the components too. This new model would be able to film in 8K. This would catch up with the performance of its competitor the Samsung S22 Ultra.

Surprises to discover on the iPhone

There will be little surprises on this new model from Apple. There is also a rumor that the phone’s storage could go up to 2 terraces! Much more than an external hard drive. It would be a real revolution.

An always-on screen

You know, when your iPhone is locked, the screen is all black. There with this new model the screen will stay on permanently. You will be able to see the time, your battery level without having to tap on the screen.

Say like that, it doesn’t sound amazing. But some people prefer!

What release date?

As you know, iPhones usually come out at the start of the school year or just before Christmas. It should be done in the same way This year. Release date could be september 23 according to some rumours. To see if this is confirmed.

What price for this iPhone?

Bad news for Apple fans, prices may well go up! And by many. According to rumors, it could go up to more than 100 euros more. iPhone 14 could then cost 1099 euros! We therefore hope that this rumor is false.

If Apple removes the mini range, the mini price also disappears. It will therefore be necessary to pay at least more than 700 euros for an iPhone. A substantial price that not everyone can afford! After all, these are just rumours.

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