iOS 16: Apple will allow CAPTCHAs to be bypassed (in all honor)

If some appreciate having to confirm to a site that they are not a robot by clicking on small squares (but is there really a piece of traffic light on this image?) or by writing an illegible or inaudible sentence, others will be delighted by this new feature of iOS 16, which allows you to bypass CAPTCHAs.

This last one is enabled by default. To modify this or check it, you will have to go, on iOS 16 / iPad 16, to the app Settings > Apple ID > Password and Security > Automatic validation (at the very bottom of the screen).

With this option, Apple indicates that iCloud will automatically and privately validate your device and Apple ID account. In other words, iOS 16 will check that both are in good standing and have a Private Access Token (personal access token), which will make it possible to do without CAPTCHA verification for apps and websites. Cloudflare and Fastly have already announced the inclusion of this option, which should allow their deployment in the coming months.

For the occasion, Apple offers a small explanatory / didactic video on its website (note the explanation lasts almost 13 minutes), insisting in particular on the importance of security or the accessibility of this function for certain users.

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