Inside Apple’s Dual Port USB-C Adapter

Apple is releasing its new dual-port USB-C adapter in a compact version for a handful of countries. Sold at the same price ($ 59 in the United States), this model takes up the characteristics, starting of course with the two USB-C ports and the power of 35W. The only difference is that the plug cannot be removed, which does not make it the best travel companion.

The standard model on the left, the compact version on the right. In France, Apple only markets the first.

The ChargerLAB YouTube channel has posted a rather barbaric disassembly video of the compact adapter, which reveals the innards of the device. Fans of transistors and capacitors will be in heaven, for others this autopsy reveals that it is relatively easy to change the socket during production to adapt it to other countries.

The components are distributed symmetrically (because two USB-C ports?).

The USB-C dual port adapter is sold for €65 by us (it is also available on Amazon where it is out of stock).


A look at Apple’s dual-port USB-C adapter


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