Info alert: these drugs against epilepsy and migraines are very dangerous for pregnant women!

carry life remains an important moment in the lives of many women. However, a pregnancy requires many precautions in terms of health. Some drugs can have negative effects on the fetus! Thus, in the treatment of migraine and of epilepsywe tell you all about the molecules you should avoid!

The ANSM warns pregnant women about these dangerous treatments!

ANSM’s mission is to monitor and analyze health risks, for each drug. This public body assesses products when they are placed on the market. But it also happens that it re-examines the dangerousness of medicationsafter several years.

Thus, the ANSM can draw conclusions with more hindsight on a treatment. This time, the warning is addressed to pregnant women. The agency would like to warn expectant mothers about several drugs used to cure migraines or epilepsy.

Among the molecules implicated, topiramate, also called Epitomax and pregabalin. The ANSM has therefore launched “major safety information” concerning these two drugs. She also invites all pregnant womenor old enough to become one, to get closer to their doctor.
Ultimately, the agency also hopes that the risks associated with these two products be subject to further examination in all European countries.

Indeed, after several studiescarried out between 1997 and 2017, the ANSM denounces the increased risk of malformations for babies exposed to these drugs. ingested during pregnancythey would notably increase the cases of autistic disorders or Mental retardation.

These drugs can have serious effects on the unborn child!

Everyone knows that a woman pregnant must be careful that she consumes, for the health of her child. Thus, smoking or drinking during pregnancy falls under unconsciousness. For several years, certain cheeses or raw fish have also remained inadvisable for those expecting a child.

The same goes for drugs. Moreover, some boxes sold in pharmacy display a logo indicating a danger in case of pregnancy. However, the ANSM has just reported these two molecules. Also, the risk was ignored until recently.

Thus, a lot of patients migraine sufferers did not stop treatment during pregnancy. Same observation for those with epilepsy. However, this situation puts the health of the fetus at risk! According to the study conducted by the ANSM, these drugs increase the risk of malformations by three. This means that exposed children have more autistic disorders or impairments intellectual.

The danger for the health infants is such that the agency warns all women. Also, those who do not wish to have children remain concerned. Because these two drugs have a neutralizing effect on the pill birth control. This can lead to accidental pregnancies. It is therefore necessary to redouble precautions on that side too.
“Topiramate can make your birth control pill less effective. You should discuss with your doctor the best method of birth control to use. »

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