In Liège, Google Maps struggles to properly guide its users

The mapping service ignores essential information on the roads of Liège. This causes guidance and navigation errors.

In Liège, work on public roads is increasing and passing the baton. And this at a pace that is difficult for the Google Maps navigation application to follow. Thus, this week, the Future cites several examples that call into question the updating of the routes offered by the application in this area.

The return of the double meaning

First, Google Maps did not update the site following a major traffic change. Between July 15, 2019 and April 12, 2022, in Liège, a one-way street was imposed in the direction of Place Saint-Lambert towards the Pont des Arches. But, since April 12, 2022, the two directions of traffic have been restored.

On the screenshot of the article of the Future, the route proposed by Google Maps avoids rue Léopold as if it were still a one-way street. Thus, it obliges the driver to turn left at the exit of the Pont des Arches. And this, while traffic has been restored in both directions.

Screenshot from L’Avenir media.

Note that it seems that the application has been updated recently. Indeed, when testing the route today, rue Léopold is no longer banned. Also, Google Maps does indicate it as a two-way street.

Screenshot from June 24, 2022.

The false hook

Another example, work on the E25/A25 motorway began on March 15. “The first two kilometers in the direction Liège – Herstal – Verviers – Visé – Maastricht no longer exist” specify the source. Thus, to get to Verviers from Liège, you have to follow a parallel road on the avenue Georges Truffaut to then recover the motorway at the end of the works. What Google Maps does not seem to have understood, since the application considers that, for this route, it is necessary to make a detour “strictly useless by Jupille-sur-Meuse”, indicates the Future. And in this specific case, we have not notified any recent update and the hook is still present.

Screenshot from June 24.

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