In 2021, Google removed 3.4 billion non-compliant ads

The search engine has published its annual “Ads Safety Report”, which analyzes the malicious use of advertisements on its various channels in order to warn users, as well as advertisers.

Thus, we learn that in 2021, no less than 3.4 billion advertisements that did not comply with the security criteria were deleted. Google also restricted 5.7 billion suspicious ads and blocked 5.6 million risky advertiser accounts. Finally, 1.7 billion pages and over 63,000 publisher sites were restricted or blocked.

COVID has allowed many diversions

The coronavirus has once again been the source of malicious content in 2021. As was the case in 2020, where Google blocked 5900 ads per minute.

In 2021, the Mountain View firm blocked the distribution of ads against public health on more than 500,000 pages. Since the start of the pandemic, the company has stopped more than 106 million ads related to COVID-19.

As for the war in Ukraine, which began in 2022, it is not yet concerned by this report, but Google is preparing for it. Similar to the coronavirus pandemic in previous years, since the clashes began, the search engine has seen a spike in misleading advertisements related to it. More than 8 million ads surfing on the wave of concerns generated by the international context have been blocked in this way. Additionally, Google decided to remove ads on more than 60 Russian-funded media sites.

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