How to Use Apple’s Silhouette AirPods Filter on TikTok

ICT Tac users can now create colorful silhouettes featuring Apple’s AirPods that channel the aesthetics of the company’s iconic iPod advertisements from the early 2010s. Apple has been looking to step back in time in recent years, designing products that match the style of older products with a new twist. The latest iPhones feature a refined body similar to the iPhone 4, while the latest MacBooks are thicker and sturdier than previous generations. With AirPods, Apple is banking on nostalgia to push the latest features, and silhouette ads are making a comeback. Now users can create silhouettes featuring AirPods on TikTok with a new filter, and it’s simple to use.

The timing of the filter’s release is perfect, as the iPod was finally killed off last month, ending a two-decade streak of dominance. The iPod controlled the portable media market for years and was only surpassed by the emergence of the iPhone, which made owning a portable media player superfluous. In the late 2000s and early 2010s, Apple marketed the iPod with a series of advertisements featuring colorfully silhouetted dancers. In these ads, the white Apple headphones were instantly recognizable against the solid-colored silhouettes. The new TikTok filter now allows users to create the same aesthetic, placing white AirPods on top of the silhouette filter.

During the impressive string of iPod silhouette commercials, Apple has often partnered with notable artists to feature current music and imagery. The company is taking the same approach with the return of silhouette ads and the latest TikTok filter, featuring popstar Harry Styles. In an ad featuring AirPods with Spatial Audio, the singer is seen in silhouette form performing the hit track “Music for a sushi restaurant.” The commercial is flashy and memorable, invoking nostalgia for iPod commercials of the past. Now users can create the same look and feel on TikTok with a filter that allows anyone to create a similar silhouette. With sounds on TikTok, users can create a video almost identical to popular ads.

Find and use the Silhouette AirPods filter

The filter adds AirPods to a user’s video even if they’re not wearing them, and it’s quickly accessible from the TikTok app. After opening the app, tap the ‘+’ symbol to create a new video, then select the ‘Effects‘ button. Tap the magnifying glass symbol to search for filters and look for ‘AirPods silhouettes‘ in the search bar. Once the filter is found, the new video will automatically have a silhouette overlaid with AirPods. Simply save the video and view the colorful silhouette that matches both recent Harry Styles commercials and iconic iPod commercials of the past.

If a user stumbles upon another video featuring the AirPods Silhouettes filter – either by another user or by content promoted by Apple – they can simply tap the ‘AirPods silhouettes‘ below the video to create a similar one. Ads and corresponding TikTok videos promote AirPods with Spatial Audio. Essentially, it’s a feature that provides a more immersive listening experience, allowing audio to move with the wearer’s head. It works as if the user were standing in the same room where the original track was recorded. Similarly, the AirPods Silhouette filter works as if the ICT Tac the user was starring in their own Apple ad.

Source: Apple/YouTube, Apple/TikTok

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