How to receive reminders to charge your Apple device

To receive these reminders, you will once again have to go through the essential Shortcuts application.

Yes, you read that right. Asking your iPhone, iPad or even Apple Watch to remind you when it needs to be recharged can be useful in many circumstances. You need it for some reason, but forgot to charge it. You only end up with 25% battery and will not be able to use it for hours. It is in this kind of use that you tell yourself that you will have appreciated being reminded that you had to recharge your device.

This is what the Shortcuts application can be used for. You can create shortcuts to add new features, but also automations, allowing you to activate a particular parameter depending on a condition. And that’s what we’re going to create for our callback, an automation.

Go to the app Shortcuts and press Automating at the bottom of the screen. Select option Create a personal automation. You will then see a substantial list of parameters on which to base your automation. Select Battery level and choose the threshold at which you want your iPhone to remind you that it’s time to charge it.

After pressing Next in the top right, tap Add action and look for “notification” in the bar at the top and then choose Show notification. Change the predefined text to something like “Charge the device” Where “Plug in the charger“.

Then press Next and uncheck the option Ask before running so that the device does it automatically.

Once you have created the automation, all you have to do is synchronize your shortcuts and automations using iCloud in order to retrieve them on your MacBook, your iPod, your iPad or your Apple Watch.

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