How to lower your glucose level during a meal

There are tips for lowering your glucose levels, without going on a diet. This is what nutrition researcher Jessie Inchauspé defends, author of Make your glucose revolution published by Robert-Laffont. Guest on the show Well done for youthe biochemist explained to the microphones of Mélanie Gomez and Julia Vignali the good eating habits to adopt to smooth your blood sugar level, improve your health and thus promote weight loss.

Adopt a good food order

“Studies show us that a meal can have a completely different impact on glucose depending on the order in which you eat the food”, underlines Jessie Inchauspé on Europe 1, which details the correct order to adopt to reduce by 75 % his peak glucose. You have to eat vegetables first, proteins and fats second, starches and sugars last. “If we do that, we don’t change anything about what we eat, just how we eat,” adds the nutrition researcher.

Eat fruit at the end of a meal

Fruits are part of the sugars that are generally taken at the end of a meal. It’s a good habit, advocates Jessie Inchauspé, despite popular belief. “The concept that you shouldn’t eat fruit at the end of a meal dates back to the Renaissance (…). In fact, it’s not scientifically validated at all. I think you can l ‘ignore, because science is now showing us that sugars are better in the end,’ she explains in Well done for you.

The Many Benefits of Lowering Glucose

Adopting this food order reduces inflammation, again according to the biochemist. There are also “fewer physical and mental consequences”.

Also, “one of the consequences of smoothing out your blood sugar curve is very often weight loss”, remarks Jessie Inchauspé, who rejects the term “diet”. “It’s a question of putting your biology back in a good state. Internally, it’s better, you have more energy, less cravings, you feel better, the skin is better,” lists the biochemist.

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