How to hide your house on Google Street View

Google Maps is, most of the time, a very useful tool. But some of its features can be disturbing, including the famous Street View, which allows you to see almost all the streets and houses in the world.

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Street View might reveal things you wouldn’t want to show. Or, maybe you just want to protect your privacy. Whatever the reason for you, know that you can hide your house from Street View and the process is quite simple.

Here are the steps to hide your house from Google Street View:

  • Go to Google Maps and enter your address
  • Enter Street View mode. You can do this by clicking on the street in front of your house and then clicking on the image that appears at the bottom of the screen. See below.


  • You can also access Street View by clicking on the little yellow man at the bottom of the screen on the right and dropping it in front of your address, on the street.
  • Click on the three small dots at the top left, next to the address
  • Choose the “Report a problem” option
  • Complete the form and clearly indicate the reasons why you want to blur an item at this address


  • You must enter an email address so that Google can confirm that you have received your report.

Google will then have to process your request. Be patient, however, as this may take a while. Google may also ask you to provide more details about the image to be blurred.

Please note that this is a permanent change; you can’t go back.


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