How to Delete Spam Notifications on Google Chrome

Dealing with scam notifications can be a pain, especially if your computer constantly receives them. We explain how to block and report these spam messages on Chrome.

Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge browsers can be victims of malicious notifications that make users believe that their computer is infected, that it is necessary to download a specific program or that it is necessary to pay to eradicate a threat. Be aware that all these alerts are fake and only intended to deceive the person behind their screen.

If the messages arrive while browsing the internet with Google Chrome, it’s time for you to tidy up and clean up your internet browser. In this article, we explain how to delete spam notifications on Chrome.

Spam notifications on Google Chrome browser // Source: Screenshot

Delete notifications on Chrome

If you have allowed a site to send you notifications, even unintentionally, and you keep getting false alerts, here’s how to get rid of them on the Google Chrome browser:

  • To start, open google chrome browser
  • Go to this link: chrome//settings/content/notifications
  • Check sites that allow notifications
  • Click on the three balls to the right of the line
Screenshot 2022-06-20 at 14.24.37
The malicious site freecaptcha // Source: Google Chrome
  • Choose “Delete”

Remember that, by default, a site, app, or extension may request permission to send notifications on Google Chrome. But you can also choose to disable these notifications. There will then be no more viruses or advertising messages. However, if they come back, you will have to follow this procedure again and eradicate them again.

We recommend that you be very vigilant and avoid accepting all notifications displayed on the Internet, at the risk of damaging your browser and even your own PC.

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