How to control Apple Music on PC or Mac from your iPhone?

With the iOS iTunes Remote app, you can control your Apple Music on your PC or Mac, but from your iPhone or iPad. I’ll show you how.

Have you ever listened to music from your Mac or PC and wanted to change playlists or artists from your sofa without having to move just with your iPhone or iPad? Maybe your speakers are only paired to your computer or you just lost your Apple TV remote?

The iTunes Remote application developed by Apple is probably the solution to your problems if you use Apple Music or Apple TV. The app is available for free on the Apple Store and offers you many more possibilities than those stated in my examples.


iTunes Remote, how does it work?

In 2010, iTunes Remote only allowed users to control basic functions of their media library. Since then, the application has evolved. Today you can:

  • Access your Apple Music, Apple TV, or iTunes libraries
  • Browse your music by artist, albums and songs
  • Browse movies, TV shows, and podcasts
  • Create and edit your playlists
  • See upcoming titles with Up Next
  • Find your Apple Music or Apple TV libraries
  • Explore Apple Music or Apple TV libraries.
  • Control your AirPlay
  • Group your speakers together to play music in several rooms at the same time
  • Adjust the volume on each connected speaker independently

How to use iTunes Remote?

The iTunes Remote application is, as often with Apple, very intuitive. You just have to download it on your iPhone or iPad, activate Home Sharing on your computer or Apple TV then log in with your Apple ID before you can take control of your music, movies, podcasts and series.

By step:

  • Install the iTunes Remote app

iTunes Remote App / © Nextpit

  • Connect your iPhone or iPad to the same WiFi network as your computer or Apple TV
  • Open iTunes Remote and choose Set up Home Sharing
  • Sign in with your Apple ID
iTunes Remote

iTunes Remote / © Nextpit

  • You will then receive a code on your iPhone or iPad
  • Open Music on your computer, click on your Apple device and enter the code
iTunes Remote

iTunes Remote / © Nextpit

  • That’s it, you can now control your playlists from your iPhone!
iTunes Remote

iTunes Remote / © Nextpit

What do you think of this quick tutorial and the iTunes Remote app? Do you know of any other easier methods than Apple’s?


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