How to Change Your Movement Goal on the Apple Watch

You can increase or decrease your moves goal on the Apple Watch to make it harder or easier to fill your move ring each day. You can’t do this on your iPhone, you have to do it directly on your Apple Watch.

Change your Move goal

You can change your movement goal using the Activity app on your Apple Watch. You will find it in the main menu by clicking on the digital crown. You can quickly launch it by tapping the activity rings complication on the face of your Apple Watch.


Apple Watch Activity app

When the Activity app is open, make sure you’re on the “first page” where you can see your three rings: Moving, Exercising, and Standing. Scroll down to the bottom of the screen and tap on the “Edit Goals” button.

Change motion lens on Apple Watch

From here, you can edit your movement, exercise, and standing goals in order. By default, the exercise and rest goals are 30 minutes and 12 hours respectively. Each person’s movement goal differs depending on what information you provided to your Apple Watch when you first received it, and whether or not you accepted Apple’s invitation to increase or to decrease it according to activity levels.

Set a Move goal on the Apple Watch

If you continue to exceed your Move goal, your watch will offer to increase your Move goal. You’ll end up hitting a number you probably can’t reach, so make sure you set a Move goal you’re comfortable with or you’ll lose your streak.

Complete your Move goal every day

The easiest way to fill your Move ring every day is to log all your workouts and activities. This includes the obvious activities like gym sessions and runs, but also blood-boosting fitness game sessions or even your morning walk to work.

Your Apple Watch will register most of the residual movement, but you’ll be rewarded with more active energy if you register it as a proper workout. You’ll also get better heart rate information and GPS recordings during some workouts (like walks, hikes, and runs), but this will put more strain on your watch’s battery.

Track all your workouts on Apple Watch

Remember that your movement goal should motivate you, and setting it too high or too low is pointless.
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