how Tesla builds a charging station in 8 days

Tesla has just unveiled a video highlighting the speed of construction of new Supercharger stations thanks to a system of “prefabricated”.

With an acceleration of its sales in recent years, Tesla is obliged to continue, and even to intensify the installation of Supercharger stations. The American company has grown from 23,277 Superchargers in 2,564 stations at the end of 2020, to 31,498 Superchargers at 3,476 stations at the end of last yearan increase of 35%.

A Tesla network still to be densified

But at the same time, Tesla sales increased 87% over the same period. Difficult for the network to keep pace, especially since the deployment has fallen behind Elon Musk’s forecasts. The Superchargers should have tripled in the space of two years, but a series of problems caused delays. These delays are not attributed solely to Tesla, but are linked to a whole series of steps that the brand must validate to make its stations operational.

As with the siting of a new structure, Tesla must first find the right ground. The builder must then buy the land, or convince the owners to accept the installation of a station, launch the project, apply for the necessary building permits, and finally find a local contractor to carry out the work.

And so as not to waste any more time, Tesla has developed a system of “prefabricated” Superchargers allowing a charging station to be brought out of the ground in a short period of time. And to prove the effectiveness of this system, the American firm has just posted on Twitter a video of the construction of one of these stations equipped with prefabricated Superchargers.

A top-notch week

The station in question presented is built in Brooksville, Florida. It was brought to the site using special trucks which transported the columns and the support devices already assembled. arrived on site, the technicians only had to connect the terminals to the network and carry out a series of small ancillary operations. In total, it only took eight days for the station to come out of the ground.

Prefabricated stations have advantages, both in terms of time and costs, considerably reduced costs since many operations are carried out directly at the factory.

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