How much will this trip cost? Google Maps will start helping you at this point

Google Maps has received a lot of attention with several new features and improvements in several areas. These elevate even more than is offered, making accessing the service much more interesting and logical.

After several interesting news, another appears that will help drivers who use Google Maps. These will be of great help when calculating your journeys, with information on the cost of tolls to be presented.

Google Maps is a tool that has long ceased to be a simple mapping service. It is an essential aid for many drivers, who use this suggestion to help them find destinations and avoid traffic and driving problems.

The novelty that now appears reinforces the assistance provided to users and allows a better calculation of the journeys that will be made. We are talking about the costs that may exist associated with tolls, which are now presented on the defined routes.

Google Maps toll cost

This information will appear in full and associated with the entire trip programmed by the driver. Unfortunately, it does not appear in a differentiated way and presented in a segmented way, for each road traveled during the journey.

The presentation of toll information is nothing new and Google has revealed it to Maps before. At the time, it was promised that it would arrive soon, which is finally happening now for the mobile apps of Android and iOS users.

Google Maps toll cost

Another important point is that the toll values ​​for each trip are still associated with only 4 countries. The United States, India, Japan, and Indonesia will launch this new feature, and it is expected to expand to many more countries in the near future, as well as the web version of Google Maps.

Google Maps thus receives an important novelty that will elevate the service. It aims to be more and more of a driver’s aid tool, with features that become essential at all times.

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