how does Google perceive things?

This effective way of thinking that has a head start also deserves a small moratorium that Google seems to appreciate or depreciate depending on the case.

Let’s see in the light of this article the various reactions that the search engine could have depending on the SEO content submitted.

Eric Esnault: Artificial intelligence and optimized content writing: a marvel for SEO agencies

At the heart of the conquest of visibility, SEO content plays a key role. They are the ones who will allow excellent indexing and unravel the mysteries of user demand. What the optimized writing software offers in this case is hyper-powerful semantics that rank for sure. All of this sounds wonderful in itself and optimizes tasks. That’s what proponents of AI-powered writing lead us to believe.

Namely texts constructed without too much difficulty and which take into account all the elements of answers on a given theme. This can only be welcomed by SEO consultants. The principle offers everything a web agency needs, namely texts, keywords, long tail and semantics.

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Eric Esnault: Why is this SEO writing pleasant at first sight?

The fact of having SEO optimized texts of excellent quality proposed by a machine is a priori very well perceived. For those who have been able to test this technology based on machine learning, the result is fabulous. Indeed, but it remains fabulous for themes where the competition is rather weak. Indeed, if you offer an SEO Friendly site architecture and you apply advanced writing techniques to it when nobody acts, it is certain that you will make fishtails to all your competitors on Google. It is therefore this facility that artificial intelligence tends to demonstrate at the heart of Google’s results. How will the search engine not reward you if you influence its results where no one is working? The reward goes without saying. Nevertheless, we note that the artificial intelligence at the heart of optimized writing can also be questioned.

Eric Esnault: The limits of artificial intelligence in the results of our search engine

Artificial intelligence as part of SEO copywriting is promising. It can also produce frustrating effects whose scope is now perceptible. By dint of exploiting the performance of this world of revolutionary optimized writing, the results are mixed. In fact the machine spits out word for word what you want from a given keyword. Texts of 1000 words can thus be produced in less than half an hour with remarkable semantic quality. However, when all SEO agencies undertake the same SEO techniques on the same queries, Google ends up blocking it. This is obvious. How can the index improve if all the players produce advanced content that transcribes the same realities? This is the question that we all ask ourselves and which deserves more clarification.

How to proceed to make Google happy in the end?

For your SEO content to produce noticeable effects without pulling the strings, you must proceed according to two distinct modes. We therefore recommend that you follow the following model:

  • If you are on an uncompetitive theme, favor machine learning to save time and reach the first page of Google. This with a view to simplifying costs and an absence of notable adversaries
  • For areas where sharks are rife, the physical pen and human thought can do you excellent service. SEO writing would certainly take longer to put into practice but subject to reflection. This is what Google likes to make you pass over time.

Combine the two techniques so that your projects are doing well. Also enjoy writing using AI for blog posts if the competition isn’t very high. So remember to alternate without abusing the technology. Because Google also knows how to detect texts written by machines. It would be a shame if it downgrades you by abusing it.

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