How Apple makes switching from Android to iOS even easier

Apple has just announced the launch of a new feature in Move to iOS, its data transfer application available for Android smartphone users. Soon, Move to iOS will be able to transfer WhatsApp data from an Android smartphone to an iPhone.

Thanks to this new feature, Apple seems to want to eliminate one of the obstacles to the purchase of certain consumers: the fear of change. Indeed, many users who are less familiar with new technologies are afraid to change universes (in one direction or the other) for fear of seeing their data accumulated for years disappear.

If Apple does not clearly explain its approach, we can guess that the loss of WhatsApp data could be a brake on change for some users. The company therefore worked hand in hand with the developers of the messaging service. The transfer of WhatsApp data is therefore now carried out from the Move to iOS application with the same simplicity as any data from Apple applications. Mark Zuckerberg welcomes this new feature and says:

We’re adding the ability to securely switch phones and transfer your chat history, photos, videos, and voicemails from Android to iPhone while maintaining end-to-end encryption. This is one of the most requested features. We launched the switch from iPhone to Android last year, and now we are adding Android to iPhone.

When and how to transfer WhatsApp data from Android to iOS

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For transfer whatsapp data from android to iphone, so just download the Move to iOS app from the Play Store. Then just follow the instructions. Then, when choosing the data to transfer, the WhatsApp messaging service will be available.

From there, you can choose what data you want to transfer. Apart from phone call history and payment information, all data can be transferred from phone to phone. The transfer takes place peer-to-peer (from device to device) without using the internet network. All data remains encrypted during this transfer, Apple never has access to this information.

The iPhone then automatically becomes the smartphone linked to your WhatsApp account. This means by the way that you will not have to do any additional manipulation to access WhatsApp in web version from your browser on PC.

This new feature will not be available to everyone right away. Meta, WhatsApp’s parent company, will roll it out little by little first in a beta now. Then, this novelty should arrive fairly quickly in the final version. Please note, this is only possible with iPhones with iOS 15.5 minimum.

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