Heat wave: what foods to favor on your plates to hydrate yourself while eating?

With the arrival of a very early heat wave at the end of the week, the actions to protect yourself from the heat also go through a good diet.

Protecting yourself from the heat also happens on the plate. Inevitably, we exclude foods that promote dehydration. Alcohol in particular, but also foods that are too rich and too sweet.

On the other hand, certain foods will help you bring more water to your body, a parameter not to be underestimated, during a heat wave, since the high heat accelerates dehydration.

Moreover, in its recommendations for the approach of this heat wave, ARS Occitanie also emphasizes the need to eat in sufficient quantity, while rising temperatures generally rhyme with a declining appetite.

What foods to choose?

Of course, the fruits and vegetables of season are the most provided. When it comes to fruit, you’re spoiled for choice: tomatoes, strawberries, melons, watermelons, peaches, not forgetting citrus fruits… you can therefore eat them as they are. Or in juice or compote. Same thing for vegetables: cucumbers (more than 95% water), courgettes to be eaten cold in sticks or in gazpacho;

– Also think about yogurts and cottage cheeses that hydrate as well as a glass of water;

– Prioritize sorbets with ice cream. They are richer in water;

– It is better to bet on a light meal with lean meats or fish, easier to digest.

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