Google Translate now syncs your history with your Google Account

The Google Translate app will now save your searches and link them to your Google account, so you can find them on any device.

Google has just discreetly launched a new feature on Google Translate: the synchronization of your searches on your Google account, to find your translations on all your devices.

An overdue feature of Google Translate

In February 2020, Android Police previously reported that Google was looking into a feature to sync search history between all devices via the Google Account. As the media reminds us, this is not the first time that the American giant has been late ” at his own party“.

But Android Police recently learned from its readers about the rollout of this new feature. They received an invitation to save their search history, manage their activity log, or continue using Google Translate without an account.

How to sync your search history with your Google account

For the synchronization to work, you will need to check that the “Activity on the web and applications” parameter is activated on your Google account. It authorizes the recording of your activity on Google services (localization for example). History synchronization that takes place several times a day.

How to access your translation history on Google Translate

In the Google Translate app, you can access your search history in several ways. The first is simply to slide your finger from top to bottom on the home screen. You can also access it by clicking on your profile picture at the top right and then clicking on “History”. Finally, in the input screen, you will find the history icon at the top right (it’s a clock with an arrow going counterclockwise).

How to disable this synchronization

On the dedicated support page, we learn that to deactivate this automatic synchronization, you simply have to disconnect your Google account from the application. There is therefore no dedicated parameter to deactivate it. Some will appreciate this function which allows to better preserve the confidentiality of the data. You will then still see a search history, but it will only be that of your device, locally.

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