Google tackles Apple and the absence of the RCS with music by Drake

Google takes advantage of the release of Honestly, Nevermindthe new album of Drake and his music Texts Go Green to tackle Apple and the absence of RCS on iPhone. As a reminder, the RCS is the successor of the SMS which offers an experience similar to iMessage with more functionalities.

Google again criticizes Apple’s lack of RCS support

RCS offers several advantages over SMS. There are acknowledgments, encryption of conversations, sending of images and videos in good quality, better managed group conversations, the possibility of conversing from a Wi-Fi connection and more. iMessage has been offering all of this for a while now, but it’s limited to Apple products. The advantage of the successor to SMS is that it can be compatible with iPhones and Android smartphones… Apple would still have to adopt it.

In view of the situation, Google therefore published a video on Twitter with the instrumental of the music Texts Go Green from Drake, knowing that the title refers to SMS in green on iPhone (and iMessages in blue). The text of the video reads:

The Android team thinks Drake’s new song, Texts Go Green, is a real banger. It refers to the phenomenon when an iPhone user gets blocked. Or try texting someone who doesn’t have an iPhone. Either way, it’s pretty tough. If only a super talented team of engineers at Apple could solve this problem. Because it’s a problem that only Apple can solve. They just have to adopt RCS, actually. It would also make the messages safer. We say it like that. Great song by the way.

Other tackles in the year

This is not the first time that Google has attacked Apple for the absence of RCS on the iPhone. The latest attack dates back to last month at the Google I/O conference. “We hope that all mobile operating systems will understand the message and switch to RCS, so that your messages remain private, regardless of the device you use”, said a company executive. Another tackle took place last January with tweets from Hiroshi Lockheimer, the vice president of Android. The latter indicated that he wanted Apple to support RCS on iPhone, not to offer iMessage on Android.

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