Google presents a Pixel tablet that will arrive in 2023

Google is lifting the veil today on a Pixel tablet, but we will have to wait to really discover it since it will not be available with 2023. Google took advantage of its I/O conference to give an overview.

A Pixel tablet will arrive in 2023

The last tablet from Google dates back to 2018, it was the Pixel Slate which ran under Chrome OS. This model should have had a successor, but Google finally abandoned the project. Now the tablets are coming back to society.

Google wants its new tablet to be “the perfect companion for your Pixel smartphone”. Unfortunately, the information is more than light at the moment. Google doesn’t list features, just like it doesn’t give a specific price or release date. We only know that the tablet will be entitled to a Tensor chip (like the latest Pixel smartphones) and will arrive sometime in 2023.

Pixel tablet

In any case, it will be interesting to see how Google will improve the Android experience on tablets. The group has already started in reality by offering Android 12L. This L version is mainly intended for foldable smartphones and tablets. The idea is to offer a suitable experience, knowing that the screen is larger than that of a smartphone, which offers more possibilities.

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