Google pokes fun at Apple with latest Drake title

The official @Android twitter account usually posts some info on the latest news from the mobile operating system used by 75% of smartphones in the world. But the account also takes the opportunity a few times to send a small spade to the competition in passing. As you can imagine, his most frequent target is obviously Apple and its iPhones.

In its latest, rather clever spade, Google chose to surf on the release of rapper Drake’s latest title Texts Go Green. The song is about what happens when in a conversation between two iPhones, one of the speakers blocks the other: the blue bubbles disappear, and instead the messages appear in green bubbles to signify the sending of Classic text messages.

Google uses Drake’s latest title to troll Apple

In fact, this is also what happens when an iPhone user tries to write to someone on an Android smartphone. Unless you go through a third-party messaging application like WhatsApp. With green bubbles, the conversation loses all the enriched dimension normally offered by iMessage exchanges: you can’t react with emoji. Nor share files, photos and videos in full resolution.

Or use other sharing features and third-party integrations through iMessage. Google has indeed developed an alternative, the RCS, on Android smartphones. But Apple categorically refuses to implement this open source technology. Or to offer iMessage outside the iPhone ecosystem. That’s why, in its video, the Android team decided to remind Apple engineers of the absurdity of the situation.

We can read, against the background of the beats of Drake’s latest title: “The Android team thinks Drake’s new title ‘Texts Go Green’ is a real hit. It refers to the phenomenon that happens when an iPhone user gets blocked or tries to text someone who doesn’t have an iPhone. In both cases, it’s a bit harsh”.

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And the firm to continue: “If only a team of super talented Apple engineers could fix this…because it’s a problem only Apple can fix. They just need to adopt RCS, in fact. This would also make texting more secure. Just in case. Great piece though“. For now, no offense to Google, Apple seems to camp in its positions. Adopting the RCS or opening iMessage does not seem to be on the agenda…

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