Google no longer wants call recording apps

Google has announced a policy that effectively bans call recording apps from the Play Store.

From May 11, Google Play Store will no longer list call recording apps. Google will implement new rules that will prevent third-party apps from using the Accessibility API. The latter is necessary to record a call via an application.

Third-party apps in the viewfinder

Clearly, Google has updated the rules of the Play Store. The goal ? Ban third-party call recording apps on play store. The Mountain View giant said it no longer allows call recording through accessibility APIs. This is part of its policy of cracking down on apps that use Android’s accessibility APIs for reasons other than accessibility. So, since Accessibility APIs are the only way for third-party apps to record calls on Android, they will no longer be welcome on Google Play.

Where does the Accessibility API come from?

As a reminder, the developers had used the Accessibility API to enable remote call audio recording as a workaround to make these apps work. This is after Google blocked call recording on Android 6 and via microphone on Android 10. This has led many users to depend on third-party apps to record calls without person-to-person consent. end of the wire. The developers then found a way to continue invoking the feature using the Accessibility API. In response, the latest policy update indicates that this feature will be phased out as the Accessibility API has been designed and intended for use by applications that improve access for people with disabilities. And not for recording audio calls.

Calling apps created by the smartphone manufacturer or Google’s phone app are the only ones that can record calls in the future. In other words, Google’s phone app will remain the Play Store’s only option for recording calls, with no competitors.

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