Google News gets a new look for desktop browsers

On its 20th anniversary, Google News has been revamped for its desktop version. It now offers more customizable experiences, and the new look, which looks neater than before, is said to be the result of reader feedback.

Google indicates that the new look will allow users to keep up to date with the main news through various sections.

As part of this overhaul, Google moved its left pane navigation section to the top, to make it easier to find. The local news section also offers flexible options like filters that allow users to add multiple locations to follow the news in certain areas and stay informed when visiting that neighborhood. It may also include information from local publishers available in that particular region.

The News Feed in these sections is built by Google’s algorithms, which use the company’s machine learning prowess to analyze multiple factors. These algorithms further help identify and organize articles into sections such as custom picks. All this helps to make Google News one of the best news apps available.

The customization doesn’t stop there. Google News always gives users the option to choose the topics or sources they want to follow. They can then rearrange, add, or remove topics accordingly.

Finally, Google is also developing its fact-checking section, which promises to evaluate an article’s original claim based on reviews from independent organizations. According to Google, this section will provide users with more context and could be useful in spotting misinformation or propaganda.

The overhaul seems to be underway for most users around the world. You can visit the newly revamped site by going to on your desktop.

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