Google Maps offers to help LGBTQ+ merchants

News hardware Google Maps offers to help LGBTQ+ merchants

Google is taking advantage of Pride Month to announce the arrival of a new label within Google Maps: this allows queer merchants to label their shop or restaurant as “LGBTQ-friendly”.

For several years now, Google has allowed businesses run by black people to clearly indicate this on the page of their store or restaurant, within Google Maps. This proposal demonstratesa desire to highlight this factand to highlight places where there is a spirit of community, as well as a secure space to welcome a population marked by the “Black Lives Matter” movement. There are also labels to highlight establishments run by Latinos, women or even veterans.

This year, Google Maps continues its momentum, by allowing queer establishment owners to indicate their membership in the LGTBQ+ movement on their business listing.

Google Maps highlights LBGTQ+ places

In practice, the owner of an establishment who wishes to indicate that his store or restaurant is “LGBTQ-friendly” can simply do so by updating your company profile. Unlike some information that may be added by Google Maps users, the latter is left to the discretion of the person in charge of the premises. Google does not perform additional verification, assuming that the owner of the establishment fills out their listing.

The American company considers that this proposal could help queer people find places that are welcoming to them, and help develop local communities. The Mountain View firm also specifies that it has a team specialized in monitoring these establishments, capable of reacting quickly if it detects a wave of negative comments published for the sole reason that the company has the LGBTQ + badge on his Maps file.

This proposal is currently being rolled out in the United States. For now, Google has not indicated when it will be offered in the rest of the world.

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