Google Maps is wrong, the car ends up in a stream!

You wonder why the same message is displayed on the built-in GPS of most cars: “warning – always drive carefully and obey local traffic rules” ? The CarToq site tells how tourists near an Indian town got stuck in a river they thought they could cross…

The tourists were driving a Toyota Fortuner in the Kerala region – the incident took place around Kuruppanthara Kadavu. At this place is a somewhat special passage, which Google obviously does not update correctly in Maps. Indeed, this river is crossed by a motorable lookout for most of the year.

You don’t always have to listen to Google Maps, the proof

But the path is impassable for at least 4 months a year – when water releases are operated upstream on the Pimpalgaon dam. Alas this info is rarely reflected in GPS applications including Google Maps. And there are regular accidents. The latest, therefore, happened exactly like all the others.

The drivers stupidly listened to their GPS, ignoring the panicked warnings of the locals who tried – in vain – to warn the occupants of the SUV. The drivers themselves saw that they were heading towards a watercourse. But everything suggested in Google Maps that the river was not very deep there and that the car could pass.

Seconds later, the Toyota Fortuner was stuck in the water. Locals then helped the passengers out of the car, but were unable to clear the car before a tow truck arrived. In defense of Google Maps and drivers, it must be said that the local authorities had, as a bonus, forgotten to put up a warning sign…

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Since then, the local authorities claim to have installed a chain to prevent any passage of the river during the 4 months when the dam upstream is full. So the next time Google Maps tells you to rush to a river or a lake, you’ll know it’s better to listen to your common sense rather than the GPS, just to turn around before it’s too late. .

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