Google is quietly removing Stadia to make way for its new features

No more highlighting Google Stadia on the Google Store. The giant’s store now gives way to its new products, such as the Pixel Buds Pro.

The Google Stadia controller // Source: Numerama

Google presented a historic Google I/O conference this week. The giant presented many new products such as the Google Pixel 6a, its first Google Pixel Watch, the Pixel Buds Pro headphones, or even a Pixel Tablet and even the Pixel 7 and 7 Pro. As you can see, there are a lot of devices to highlight for Google, and for that, nothing better than the Google Store, the brand’s store.

Unfortunately, with so many products to promote, choices have to be made and some old products left out. The big victim of this spring upheaval is Google Stadia.

A service without perspective

Since May 12, 2022, the Google Store no longer has a “Gaming” tab referring to Google Stadia. To find a Google Stadia controller or a Stadia Overview kit, you must use the store’s search engine or visit the “connected home” tab then the “video games” section.

Google is quietly removing Stadia to make way for its new features
The Google Store in France as of May 12, 2022 // Source: Frandroid

This choice on the part of Google is not really surprising. The Google Stadia cloud gaming service has never taken off despite its technical qualities. For several months, Google has been working to reorient its service towards professionals to offer white label cloud gaming.

This remains a significant new step in the withdrawal of the Stadia brand from the general public.

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