Google Docs gives you even more ways to collaborate

Google has revealed a series of new online collaboration tools for its Google Docs platform. Office software users will soon be able to add drop-down bullets and table templates to their documentswhich Google says will make it easier to collaborate on projects.

Drop-down bullets will allow Google Docs users to indicate the status of their document or add project milestones to it. Going forward, Google Docs users will have access to two default drop-down options, described in a Workspace update blog post announcing the news.

  1. The first, Project Status, will include selections for “Not Started Yet,” “Stuck,” “In Progress,” and “Completed” projects.
  2. The second, Review Status, will include selections for “Not Started Yet”, “In Progress”, “In Review” and “Approved” projects.

Also, online word processor users will be able to create a drop-down bullet with custom options and different colors to suit their particular needs.

Google is also set to add table templates to Docs, which it says allow users to insert “building blocks” indicating common project workflows such as: “launch content tracking”, “project asset”, “revision tracking” and “product roadmap”.

These features will be available by default to all Google end users., including personal Google Accounts and Google Workspace customers. The new drop-down bullets are slated for a gradual rollout starting May 2, leaving 15 days for feature visibility. The new table templates will be rolled out gradually starting May 2 for fast-release domains and May 9 for scheduled-release domains.

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