Google could give the Pixel 6 spatial sound with Android 13

Google may be laying the groundwork for implementing a feature resembling Apple’s Spatial Audio. Android 13 might just be the start.

The first public beta version of Android 13 is already available for download for the Pixel 6. The latest generation of Android brings a lot of new features, updates and optimization tweaks.

While Android 13 is by no means specific to the Pixel, Google’s flagship tends to get some special treatment from the mass of devices that are destined to eventually receive it. One such example might be the potential addition ofa feature analogous to Apple’s Spatial Audio to the Pixel line.

For reference, Spatial Audio is an option that adds an extra layer of immersion to the mobile audio experience. The added dimension is meant to bring the experience closer to theater-like sound. At least that’s what Apple was aiming for when it first implemented this feature.

These speculations come after Mishaal Rahman, of, shared in a tweet an interesting piece of information found in the update files. Specifically, it highlighted a file under the name of “libspatialaudio» located in the folder soundfx.

If the name wasn’t already a telltale clue, the source code contains a function “audio.spatializer“. All this indicates thatfeature similar to Apple’s Spatial Audio could be introduced in the Pixel 6.

For the Pixel 6 or its successor?

It certainly comes with more questions than answers. For once, it’s unclear which devices will get the possible new feature. Will the Pixel 6 be one of them? Or rather, will only the Pro version have this privilege? Will spatial audio (if that’s what Google decides to call it) require specific headphones?

An updated version of the Pixel Buds has been rumored for a long time. Perhaps it is a preparation of Google for this new successor. Either way, if Google wants to compete with Apple in the audio business, something along the lines of spatial audio is just the first of many steps.

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