Google Cloud launches AlloyDB, its new database service

Last Wednesday, Google Cloud formalized its new AlloyDB cloud database service. Apparently it does this to drive cloud users away from Amazon Web Services and Oracle.

The launch of AlloyDB by Google Cloud

On Wednesday, during the annual I/O conference, Google announced its new cloud database service. AlloyDB, by Insider. It is based on the open source PostgreSQL database management system. By the way, its purpose is to encourage companies to migrate their data from data centers and “legacy” providers such as Oracle or Microsoft SQL to Google Cloud.

According to Google, AlloyDB is twice as fast as Aurora, the same product from AWS. Moreover, to compete, the company has promised not to charge for input or output or data IOPS.

While AlloyDB is expected later this year, a preview version is already being tested in the financial services and retail sectors.

The result of hard work

In recent years, Google has always been seriously behind Amazon and Microsoft. It is for this reason that it has strived to achieve profitability and increase the market share of its Cloud division. According to Insider, AWS currently has a 40.8% cloud market share compared to Microsoft’s 19.7%. As for Google, it only holds 6.1%. However, during the last trimester, it still reached $5.8 billionincreasing its year-over-year by 44%.

The tech giant is then trying to target the database domain to attract large potential customers.

AlloyDB is positioned as a true competitive product

For the many organizations today that decide to migrate to the cloud, databases are very important to them. Consequently, the expertise necessary for these migrations always presents itself as their obstacle.

In the case of Oracle, for example, its long-term contracts and license fees are the main obstacles. Besides, Google and AWS have criticized it for this. This company notably holds 20.6% of the market for database management systems. In turn, she described AWS’s pricing practice as “ hostile ”, according to Insider.

Therefore, Google Cloud’s AlloyDB presents itself as a more ” flexible “, facing that of Oracle. The company even offers undeniably attractive prices compared to those of AWS’ model, Aurora.

AlloyDB is a huge opportunity for Google Cloud

Cloud billing practices are almost all questionable. As such, AlloyDB’s “friendly” and predictable pricing offer is reassuring for Google Cloud users. Moreover, if the product works as expected, it would be, for Google, a way to push customers to opt for other cloud products.

With its reduced prices, AlloyDB’s proposal will allow Google Cloud to attract new customers. It is a wonderful opportunity for the company, especially now that it plans to increase rates.

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