Google: a super bright screen for the Pixel 7 Pro?

Google revealed many details of the Pixel 7 Pro during its Google I / O conference last May, but there are still additional details to discover on the technical characteristics. It was thought that the Pixel 7 Pro would, for example, be equipped with the same screen as its predecessor the Pixel 6 Pro, but this does not seem to be the case.

Maximum brightness for the 7 Pro?

Blogger Mishaal Rahman, who collaborated with XDA Developers, explains that the new AMOLED panel will be able to reach 1,200 nits instead of 800 nits for the current one. A significant difference that would improve outdoor readability and therefore comfort of use.

This screen designed by Samsung should therefore provide services similar to those of the Galaxy S22 Ultra (if confirmed).

As for the refresh, it would remain at 120 Hz, which ensures an excellent fluidity of the interface, but does not equal certain gaming smartphones like the ROG Phone 5.

In addition, Google would have planned to integrate a new haptic engine developed by Cirrus Logic, the CS40L26, as well as an STMicroelectronics ST54K NFC chip.


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