Good first quarter for Tesla despite still limited production

Tesla continues to grow at the start of the year, with 310,048 vehicles sold worldwide in the first quarter of 2022. A number reached without its German and Texas factories, which are gradually coming into operation to meet Model Y demand.

You’re here sold 310,048 cars in the world at first quarter 2022according to data provided by Inovev. The manufacturer had passed 184,800 vehicles at the same time last year. A leap forward due to the international development of the electrical market and the success of Model 3 and Model Y. This number remains limited by the production capacities of the firm, which is struggling to meet demand. In this same first quarter of 2022, Tesla manufactured 305 407 carswhich means that the brand has registered at the beginning of the year models assembled in 2021 and that she probably counted cars in production.

Priority to Model Y

Sales for this first quarter broke down primarily between the market Chinese (170,000 units), the UNITED STATES (83,000 copies) and Europe (56,000 vehicles). This distribution still suffers from the capacities of limited production of the brand, since these cars were produced in the factories of FremontCalifornia (126,520 models assembled), and Shanghai, in China (178,887 units assembled). However, this is the last quarter of this type for Tesla, since the manufacturer should be able to count on its new sites from Austin (Texas) and Berlin (Germany) for the rest of the year. In these two new production centers, priority will be given to Model Y, the brand’s latest model. This Crossover is already hot on the heels of the Model 3 sedan internationally, since it was produced in 145,028 units during the first trimester, against 146,161 copies for the Model 3. These two cars struck off the sales Model S and Model Xwhich no longer represent respectively that 7,492 and 6,726 units. A phenomenon of cannibalization that should not concern the future cybertruck.

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