Gerson increases the score for Marseille but the injuries are linked

It’s over ! OM clearly won: 3-0!

It’s over without a single second of added time in Lorient. The Merlus lost to the 2nd in the championship, 3-0, and will never have really managed to be worrying. Marseille is moving forward at the best time, two days from the end, and remains ideally placed for a direct place in the group stage of the Champions League.

For Lorient, the fight to maintain is more relevant than ever with 3 points ahead of Saint-Etienne, currently barrage. The match in Bordeaux next week will be decisive!

Lorient does not see the ball

OM have been walking around in the last few minutes, without making too intense an effort to go towards the goal. The Marseillais peak at almost 70% possession of the ball.

Ünder in the box

The control of the Turk remains a little too much in his socks. The Lorient defense intervenes… and loses the ball just as quickly. The pressure on the last 30 meters is there, and it is finally Gueye who gets a free kick.

Gueye Strike

The shot from the defensive midfielder clearly lacks power. Dreyer lays down on the ball.

OM manages

Marseille keep the ball and let the clock slip by keeping their comfortable lead, while a decisive goal for the Champions League will take place in 6 days, in Rennes, during the 37th day of L1.

Center of Ouattara…

Lorient is still trying to move forward but is sorely lacking in technical accuracy this afternoon. Ouattara’s center is not controlled and goes directly behind Mandanda’s goal.

Exit from Abergel and Laurienté

Innocent and Boisgard will finish the game for Lorient.

More injuries for OM

Marseille are heading for a great victory in Lorient, but which could be expensive in terms of the workforce… It is now Dieng and Gerson who are out through injury. Lirola and Luis Henrique will finish the match.

GOOOOO Gerson!


Launched by Rongier in depth, Dieng takes the time to fix the defense of Lorient before slipping a beautifully measured pass. Gerson just has to push into the back of the net. 3-0 for Marseille!

The Free Kick Fairy

The young Lorient man tries his hand at a direct strike. Mandanda watches the ball pass over him and his goal.

Lorient a little higher

The Merlus are now trying not to let the Marseillais get the ball out so easily… and scratch a few balloons. Saliba is forced into a foul to cut off a fast attack and receives a yellow card.

Triple change from Lorient

Christophe Pélissier changes everything with three changes in one go: Ouattara, Monconduit and Koné will finish the match in place of Lemoine, Silva and Moffi.

Le Goff passes Saliba

The side of the Merlus tries to put the ball in front of the goal. Kamara intervenes well and pushes back for a corner.

Gueye in an impossible angle

Served by Gerson, Pape Gueye wants to hit hard at the near post. It was too complicated, the ball goes behind the goal.

Lemoine warned

It’s too much fault for Lemoine, taken by the power and the jerk of Gueye. His tackle on the ankle does not pass for Mr. Dechepy, the yellow card is out.

Kolasinac for Caleta-Car

The Croatian defender is in turn affected and diminished, behind the thigh. He must leave for the rest of this second period. Kolasinac will settle on the left side, Luan Peres transplant in the axis.

Moffi at the entrance to the surface

The Nigerian striker tries to wrap a shot on his left foot, at the level of sixteen meters from OM. Gueye comes back well and against his attempt.



Gerson struggles to recover the ball and takes advantage of a nice climb from Luan Peres. The Marseille side then serves Guendouzi, who sneaks into the defense and then tries a strike… which surprises Dreyer a little. The ball is in the back of the net. 2-0!

Here we go for the 2nd period!

The kick off for the 2nd half is given. After their perfectly mastered first act, will the Marseillais be able to maintain their level of play to once again offer themselves a 3-point lead over Monaco?

Reactions to the break

Gueye at the microphone of Canal + Sport: “We knew it was a compact block, 5 behind. We saw that when we switch them from side to side, they had difficulties. We will continue like that. We knew that we had to go get them. They were struggling to get the ball out.”

Dreyer : “We will have to do a little more, be more disciplined to put them in difficulty. We will come back with a little more freshness, to tip the match in our favor. We have to make the difference in the second half to go for the victory. We will make the necessary changes.”

It’s the break !

OM quite clearly dominated the debates and had the best chances. Despite a few saves from Dreyer, Lorient is well and truly behind at the break, 1-0, and will have to show more drive to snatch at least one point from this match.

Corner for Hakes

The Fairy takes care of hitting him, leaving, and finds Julien Laporte … who had absolutely not been followed by the OM defense. His head is a little too uncrossed, the ball flies past the frame. Thrill without consequence for Marseille.

Lorient without a solution

The Merlus continue to suffer completely from the course of the meeting, with attackers difficult to find.



On the restart, Morel did not resist the pressure put by Guendouzi and Ünder. The Turk wins the ball, on a regular basis, before depositing the ball at the far post. Dieng manages to set foot in opposition and opens the scoring! 1-0 for Marseille!

Lemoine again at fault

The captain of FCL is again late in his intervention in midfield and lectured by Mr. Dechepy. Guendouzi’s free kick is dismissed by the Lorient defense.

The Fairy for Moffi

Left in the back of the defense, Le Fée raises his head in the penalty area and tries to give Moffi full axis. His pass is a little missed… and Saliba can intervene behind Caleta-Car, passed through.

Lorient still resists

The Marseillais have total control of the ball, as often, but come up against a well-organized wall… and who no longer try too hard to see what is happening opposite.



Incredible saves from Dreyer, again, on a corner in favor of OM. The Merlus goalkeeper intervenes on a first header from Dieng gets up and… takes advantage of Morel, on his line, then to avoid the goal on a powerful strike from Gueye.


What a collective action from Marseille!

After several crosses from Ünder pushed back, it was finally Luan Peres who was shifted to the left side. Its center is perfectly distributed. The resumption of the head of Gerson, then, is magnificently stopped by Dreyer in front of his line.

Free kick for OM

Guendouzi puts the ball in the sixteen opposing meters. Laporte takes no risks and extends the center of the head. It will be a corner for Marseille.

Exit from Bakambu

The Marseillais will have to do with a new offensive weapon less: Bakambu gives way to Dieng limping.

Moffi in the depths

The Lorient striker overtakes the Marseille defense but misses his ball, in the area, then. He can still give back to Silva, who hits hard … on Mandanda, when the linesman signals an offside at the start of the action.

Bakambu diminished?

The Marseille striker tests his thigh, but does not seem sure he can continue the match. Bamba Dieng is getting ready.

Corner for OM

Guendouzi and Ünder play it with two… and are slow to put the ball in front of the goal. It will ultimately be a very, very long cross from the former FC Lorient midfielder. The ball goes behind the goal.

Lemoine behind Guendouzi

The experienced midfielder from Lorient tries not to leave any space for Guendouzi, at the heart of the game, and fouls twice in one minute. OM did not take advantage of the long free kick.

Bakambu sought by Rongier

Without control, the OM striker tries to serve Gerson at the far post. Mendes covers his defense well and pushes back.

Lorient more aggressive

Pélissier’s players have decided not to let the Marseillais play too easily at their own pace and do not hesitate to launch the pressing very high. Morel pops up behind Guendouzi and wins the ball for his team.

Let’s go to Moustoir!

The kick-off of this match is given by Enzo Le Fée for the Merlus, in search of maintenance in Ligue 1. OM hopes for its part to move up to 2nd place in the classification, by bringing back at least one point from this trip. .

Sampaoli: “It’s going to be difficult”

At the microphone of Canal +, the OM coach spoke about this very important match for his team, just a few days after the disappointment in the European Cup. “It’s a very important game for us. We have to stay very competitive for the second game. But we’ve had a lot of games lately, it’s going to be difficult. For us, all the games are crucial.”

End of the multiplex

For Lorient, with an eye on the bottom of the standings, one result should be noted: the victory of Clermont ahead of Montpellier (2-1). The Clermontois are taking a big step towards maintaining it, the Hakes remain under pressure with a 3-point lead for the moment over Saint-Etienne.

At the bottom, it’s almost over for Bordeaux, which lost heavily to Angers (4-1).

>>> The live commentary of the multi Ligue 1 on RMC Sport.

Three-man defense for Lorient

For this crucial match in the race to maintain, Christophe Pélissier returns to a fairly defensive form, counting on the two points Moffi and Laurienté to make the difference.

The Eleven of Hakes : Dreyer – Silva, Mendes, Laporte, Morel, Le Goff – Abergel, Lemoine, Le Fée – Moffi, Laurienté.

OM with Ünder and Bakambu

In the absence of Payet, Milik and finally Harit, Jorge Sampaoli chose to trust Bakambu in attack. Bamba Dieng is on the bench.

The eleven of Marseille : Mandanda – Rongier, Saliba, Caleta-Car, Peres – Kamara, Guendouzi, Gueye – Ünder, Bakambu, Gerson.

Amine Harit last minute package

One more absence for the Marseille attack… Initially present in the group for the match in Lorient (his jersey was even ready in the locker room), Amine Harit is finally forfeited for the meeting. The Moroccan international was hit in the right foot on Thursday evening during OM-Feyenoord, as Jorge Sampaoli explained at a press conference on Friday.


OM must move forward … without Payet or Milik

Deprived of Payet and Milik for this trip to Brittany, the Marseillais however have no choice and must win at all costs this Sunday afternoon to get some fresh air on AS Monaco (which won 2-1 in Lille on Friday evening), one week away from the almost decisive shock for the places in the Champions League against Rennes.

But, opposite, Christophe Pélissier’s Lorient also need points so as not to fall into the red zone during the final sprint.

Kick-off of the meeting this Sunday afternoon at 5 p.m.!

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