Gard: a young woman bitten more than 200 times by mosquitoes

A young woman found herself trapped in an attack of mosquitoes and was bitten more than 200 times while working in a melon field in the Gard.

What fly bit these mosquitoes? Manon, from Hérault who left for the Gard to carry out a study on melons, was the victim of an extraordinary mosquito attack, with nearly 200 bites all over her body.

The scene occurred last Monday, while the young woman was surveying fields located in Fourques, on the edge of the Camargue regional natural park. “I’ve never seen that. They got everywhere, in my mouth, under my sunglasses… It was all the more surprising since some of my colleagues did not seem to be bitten,” explained Manon to the daily Midi Libre, who also claimed to be dressed in long clothing.

“When I got home I found my legs were bloated and covered in pimples. I counted more than 200, she said sorry. The problem is that the pain was not decreasing. I had a burning sensation. Couldn’t sleep or just touch my legs,” she added.

four days of suffering

Antihistamine, anti-inflammatories and cortisone will eventually overcome Manon’s ordeal, four days after the attack. Despite everything, “the doctor issued me with a work stoppage and clearly advised me not to expose myself again to mosquitoes, confided Manon. He had never seen such a reaction.

Now, the young woman will have to find another internship, far from the mosquitoes. But it may be complicated in summer…

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