From Dacia to Tesla, these brands that are shaking up the pro market

By examining the list of sales of new cars to fleets, provided by the firm AAA Data, we immediately see that something has changed. If the top 10 remains monopolized by Renault, Peugeot and Citroën, the top 20 and the rest of the top 100 have, however, experienced real upheavals since 2020.

Signs formerly shunned by the managers of parks, or which were not yet present on the French market, have indeed joined the bulk of the pack in the past months, rather in force and with increased levels of credibility and popularity.

This phenomenon can be explained. The health crisis has been there, accelerating among other things the need to rethink travel in a less polluting way. In the process, there was the reinforcement of ecological bonuses but also the entry into force of strict regulations intended to extend the energy transition process: quotas for “clean” vehicles, low emission zones (ZFE), etc. Not to mention the successive increases, over the past year, in the price of gasoline and diesel.

All this context has certainly pushed business customers to turn more frequently than before to brands that are natively at the forefront in terms of innovative and, moreover, electrified engines.

Tesla Motors, illico at the top of the bill

One of the illustrations of this revival is embodied by Tesla, a manufacturer of 100% electric vehicles. Elon Musk’s firm created a surprise, so to speak, as soon as it arrived in France. It currently positions two of its favorite models in the top 30, among the best-selling cars on the professional market, all engines combined.

First there is the Model 3. The sedan ended 2021 in 14th place in fleet sales with 6,200 copies distributed over twelve months. During the first quarter of 2022, the Model 3 confirmed this momentum, falling only to 17th position.

At the same time, Tesla tried to drive the point home with the Model Y. Winning bet. The American manufacturer did not need a warm-up lap to impose this mid-size SUV in the big leagues. Marketed in France only since the fall of 2021, the Model Y was able to stand out from the start, taking a good 25th place on the B2B channel with 897 registrations on the meter between January 1 and March 31.

In the first quarter of 2022, Tesla placed two models in the top 30 best sellers on the fleet channel, including the Model Y.

Hyundai-Kia and Skoda, a presence in number

Other signs point to the global upheaval taking place in the corporate car sales charts. First, the presence in numbers, as never before, of cars badged Hyundai-Kia or Skoda.

The Korean Hyundai-Kia alliance has indeed achieved unprecedented results in 2021, taking five places in the top 100 but above all an excellent 12th place for the new generation of the Tucson and its range of electrified variants.

In the first quarter of 2022, the duo did even better in terms of visibility. He kept his place in the top 15 with the Tucson, also progressed with the Kia Niro (61st place) and also lined up four additional specimens among the first 100 cars, including three opuses signed Kia Motors.

On the side of Skoda, we observe the same rise in power. The Czech brand is gaining more and more success. It now has five passenger car models in view in the fleets and in particular the Octavia iV rechargeable hybrid sedan/break combo, stalled for 12 months around an honorable 35th place.

Skoda, with its Octavia iV, is one of the brands that stand out at the moment thanks to their electrified variants.
Skoda, with its Octavia iV, is one of the brands that stand out at the moment thanks to their electrified variants.

Dacia and the pros, recognition time

Finally, among the teams breaking into the B2B segment, there is also Dacia. If until now the subsidiary of the Renault group did not arouse real enthusiasm among professionals, things seem to be moving in the right direction for it, and moreover at a good pace.

A real milestone was in fact reached last year, thanks to the arrival of the Spring city car. This first zero-emission model has apparently enabled Dacia to hit the mark and finally touch the hearts of French fleets. Ranked 65th in 2021, i.e. after only a few months on the road, the Spring confirmed its good start by climbing to 50th place overall over the period January to March 2022.

In its momentum, the Spring was able to lead the pioneers of the Dacia catalog (the 71st Sandero and the 85th Duster 2) to the pros. It should be noted that these models, hitherto confined despite themselves to the general public target, each offer an LPG formula, a fuel which is among the most sought-after alternatives to 100% thermal (like also bioethanol) at the moment.

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