French Days: Lower prices on connected watches Apple Watch, Samsung Galaxy Watch, Xiaomi…

These are connected objects that can change lives, and yet you were put off by the “gadget” image of these products. No worries ! The French Days are there to change this perception forever and gently introduce you to the galaxy of watches and connected objects. With our selection of the best deals on watches and connected objects, you are sure to get a product at a low price and with all the technology expected of this type of device.

Watches and connected objects: a very large market but simplified by the French Days

We could indeed get lost with the diversity of the offer present. Already, the brands are numerous, but in addition, they are multiplying the ranges in order to correspond to a price range ranging from 20€ to more than 500€.

In this context, it can become difficult to know which watch will find favor with your wrist. However, the French Days are here, and the completely devastated prices will allow you to simplify your choice, by giving you access to a tech-packed watch that you may have found a bit too expensive until then.

Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, many brands are responding to lower prices. With such an occasion during the French Days, we are not going to deprive ourselves for devices which are directly connected to our smartphones and which make it possible to multiply their powers.

Thus, you can easily monitor your state of health in real time and plan sports training more or less completely depending on the models and ranges. Some connected watches even allow you to make calls and send sms while your smartphone is not within range. Enough to decide the most tech-savvy to take a slightly more upscale model.

With this selection of the best French Days offers, it’s time in May to prepare for the summer season and outdoor activities at a lower price thanks to devices that are both qualitative and benefit from big reductions.


  • Watches and connected objects: a very large market but simplified by the French Days
  • The best French Days promotions on connected watches
  • The best French Days promotions on connected objects

Apple Watch Series 7: the bestseller for even less

The apple firm is doing its part during these French Days, and we can see with satisfaction the price of the Apple Watch Series 7 goes from 429€ to 389€. A crazy price for this connected watch that does not disappoint.

With its ultra-quality case and sports strap, this connected watch seems to tick all the boxes. Equipped with an S7 chip 20% faster than that of the Apple Watch SEit provides all its power for iOS applications.

Of course, you can do what the majority of connected watches offer, especially in terms of health and sports applications. But above all you have the huge advantage of being able to connect it with all of your Apple devices.

With USB-C fast charging, the Apple Watch 7 will follow you everywhere, even underwater, where it can go down to 50m deep.

It is therefore an ultimate watch if you already have an iPhone or an iPad, for a very small price. We say thank you to the French Days for bringing this dream back to us.

Buy the Apple Watch 7 at 389€ at Fnac

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic: it’s back on sale

French Days: Lower prices on connected watches Apple Watch, Samsung Galaxy Watch, Xiaomi...

This Samsung connected watch goes fast, very fast. In stock at the moment, it is not known for how long it will last with a price going from 369€ to 249€ at Fnac for the French Days.

In summary, with the Samsung refund offer at Fnac, it gives this:

  • Initial price: 369€
  • French Days price: €319
  • Price with ODR Samsung: 249€

A price that comes at the right time for a watch connected to the timeless design which will truly appeal to everyone.

With his Samsung Bioactive sensorit precisely measures all your health data and prepares you for physical exercises with the talents of a premium watch.

Designed to work with your Samsung smartphone, it has a impeccably finished rotary dial and the resistance intended to be worn on a daily basis.

Buy the Samsung Galaxy Watch4 Classic for €249 at Fnac

Withings Scanwatch: the price of the challenger is being wiped out

French Days: Lower prices on connected watches Apple Watch, Samsung Galaxy Watch, Xiaomi...

Compatible with iPhone and Android, this connected watch from Withings has everything you need with its 38mm, and goes to the incredible price of 199€ when it was 279€ previously.

Still, this sleek and sleekly designed Scanwatch should not be underestimated. With an exclusive multi-wavelength PPG sensorit allows both boosted performance and reduced energy consumption for a 30-day battery life.

Yes, you read correctly ! A month without recharging his watch. This will greatly please the most dizzy among us.

This hybrid watch has been clinically validated in order to better monitor your state of health, in particular at the cardiac and respiratory level.

A superb offer which does honor to the French Days, and which will allow us to discover a watch validated by the Georges Pompidou Hospital and the University of Munich, just that!

Buy the Withings Scanwatch at 199€ at Fnac

The price of the Xiaomi Redmi Watch 2 Lite will bottom out if this continues

French Days: Lower prices on connected watches Apple Watch, Samsung Galaxy Watch, Xiaomi...

At a standard price of €69, Xiaomi’s designer connected watch was already not very expensive. It is even less so during the French Days, with a price of 59€. It’s now or never to get this watch complete and fully integrated into the Xiaomi ecosystem.

With a very clear display and an improved tactile sensation, there is no doubt that it will appeal to the greatest number.

Make no mistake with this price, this connected watch can do a lot of things, including compatibility with over 100 sport modesand an integrated GPS for your workouts running and cycling.

From a health point of view, it is also at the level, with instantaneous data on your blood oxygenation level, cardiac monitoring and sleep analysis.

Small and powerful, it’s time to take advantage of its very attractive price of 59€, only during the French Days.

Buy the Xiaomi Redmi Watch 2 Lite at 59€ at Fnac

Huawei Watch GT: a sublime dial for excellent value for money

French Days: Lower prices on connected watches Apple Watch, Samsung Galaxy Watch, Xiaomi...

At first glance, we can see that Huawei has made serious efforts for this model. The Huawei Watch GT goes from over €229 to €199 during the French Days.

With its rotating button and refreshing 3D glass screen, we enjoy consulting the information provided by this connected watch, or simply looking at the time. We navigate with pleasure on this intuitive and fast device.

Its ultra-precise sensor allows you to better monitor your health. Armed with the Harmony 2.0 processor, it is compatible with iOS and Android for perfect adaptability.

In normal use, you can use it for up to 7 daysbefore placing it on its magnetic base to regenerate it in USB-C (i.e. fast charging).

A premium Huawei watch for less than €200 is all we needed to look forward to the start of summer with confidence and in good shape.

Buy the Huawei Watch GT for €199 at Fnac

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4: the French Days suit it so well

French Days: Lower prices on connected watches Apple Watch, Samsung Galaxy Watch, Xiaomi...

Available at the best price i.e. 249€ instead of 269€the Galaxy Watch 4 is perfect if you prefer a sleek, modern design.

This is the ideal intermediate connected watch, by Samsung, which will satisfy all aficionados Android systems.

With its 16 GB storageit will allow you to comfortably enjoy Samsung apps, including health and sport, which will be displayed in a very colorful way on a beautiful 40mm dial.

The French Days therefore invite us to adopt its high-performance sensorwhich we will not deprive ourselves of.

Buy the Samsung Galaxy Watch4 at 249€ at E.Leclerc

The Google Nest at the best price at Fnac

French Days: Lower prices on connected watches Apple Watch, Samsung Galaxy Watch, Xiaomi...

It’s really nice to see the price of Google’s connected speaker go down at Fnac. With a price going from 99€ to 79€you can jump at the chance and enjoy a smart speaker in your connected home.

All you have to do is say the magic words: not “Open Sesame” but “Hey Google” to access all your playlists, or your individual tracks.

There’s nothing more cozy than listening to your favorite guitarist on your way home from work simply by mentioning his name to your Google Assistant, thanks to the 75mm Boomer and its 19mm tweeter.

The Google Nest is not just that, because with its 3 long-range microphones, it will allow you to further “mesh” your Android or iOS home automation network. A very good plan signed by Fnac for these French Days.

Buy the Google Nest Audio at 79€ at Fnac

The little brother Google Mini also has its price on its knees

French Days: Lower prices on connected watches Apple Watch, Samsung Galaxy Watch, Xiaomi...

Smaller but just as connected, the Google Home Mini has all the connectivity of the Google Nest and benefits from the same price reductioni.e. 39€ instead of 59€!

If you want your connected speaker to blend in with your room, this is the best plan, since its acquisition will also blend into your monthly budget with a similar price.

Same topo, “OK Google”, the assistant listens to you, it responds to all your desires, it’s magnificent, especially for someone new to connected assistants.

With its 40mm 360° loudspeaker, its use is particularly recommended for a secondary room. It will therefore do wonders to assist you in teleworking! Thank you to the French Days for this discovery at a low price.

Buy the Google Home Mini for €39 at Fnac

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