For the CEO of VolksWagen, Apple should not launch a car!

On the occasion of the exhibition 2022 which has just started the CEO of VolksWagen, Dr. Herbert Diess, was chosen to deliver the inaugural address. During the short Q&A session that followed, he addressed the issue of the Apple Car and Carplay. According to him, if Apple intends to push the development of the latter to the maximum, she shouldn’t go any further… He also believes that it should not invest in the development of a vehicle: I’m not sure Apple is actually bringing any cars to market in the end. That would be too big a change. According to him, Apple would bring its expertise to provide software for other brands of vehicles. During this fair, Lisa Jackson -Vice President Environment, Policy and Social Initiatives at Apple- should also make an appearance, on one of her favorite subjects. : Innovating to Protect the Planet.

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