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Google is launching its annual conference dedicated to developers, the Google I/O, this Wednesday evening. The opportunity to fill up on announcements for Android 13, but also to present new products like, perhaps, the Pixel Watch or Pixel 6a.

The invitation to the Google I/O 2022 conference // Source: Google

This Wednesday, Google will open the doors to the 2022 edition of its annual developer conference, Google I/O. As every year, this convention will open with a first plenary presentation, this Wednesday evening, followed in the coming days by several more specialized conferences.

How to watch the Google I/O keynote live

Google obliges, it is on YouTube that the opening conference of Google I / O will be broadcast this Wednesday, May 11 at the end of the day. The conference will begin at 7 p.m., metropolitan France time and can be watched directly in the embedded video player below.

Moreover, as usual for this type of event, you will find here a live commentary of the conference, but also the most significant announcements in various articles and a live on our Twitch channel.

Google I/O announcements live

And now a timer

Google I/O 2022: follow the Android 13 conference announcements live

It’s time to count the minutes. Exit the concert, we now see the minutes scrolling in the colors of Google of course.

Our biggest expectations for tonight

What are your expectations for the evening? We clearly, a Pixel Watch announcement is right at the top of our list. We also hope for news of the Pixel 6a. One thing is certain, we should be full of announcements around Android 13. And that’s already cool!

More than 20 minutes

We continue to wait. More than 20 minutes! In the meantime we enjoy a weird remix of the Cranberries.

To wait, a concert

Google I/O 2022: follow the Android 13 conference announcements live

It’s original, to keep us waiting, Google is offering a concert by an artist, Mija, who uses Tone Transfer, a music application developed by…Google of course.

6:30 p.m.
H-30 mins

Hello everyone and welcome to our Google I/O 2022 live! The event will start in 30 minutes.

Announcements expected for Google I/O

As usual, the Google I/O conference should mainly be aimed at developers. This should therefore be an opportunity for Google to present mainly new software. We obviously think of Android 13, the next version of its mobile operating system which should arrive in final version in the fall. If Android 13 is already being released developer previewit is traditionally during the Google I/O that the first beta version comes out and that the firm highlights the main new features planned.

This year, on the side of Android 13, we expect in particular security updates, more functions for messaging applications, more synergy between the different devices and more varied fonts. , so many functions already teased by Google. In addition, at the start of the year, the firm had announced several new features to come in the field of audio – with spatial audio and multipoint Bluetooth – or to better use its Android smartphone with a Windows PC. Again, Google could say more during the conference on Tuesday.

Google I/O 2022: follow the Android 13 conference announcements live
The Google Pixel Watch found in a restaurant // Source: Reddit/tagtech414

In addition to smartphones, the presentation should also make a small part of new products from Google. To highlight the new audio features of Android 13, some rumors anticipate the announcement of new Pixel Buds Pro headphones. It would also be an opportunity for the firm to finally present its very first connected watch – equipped with Wear OS 3.1 – the Google Pixel Watch. Finally, on the phone front, we can still hope for the presentation of a Google Pixel 6a or even – even if it is unlikely – a folding Pixel NotePad.

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