Five common mistakes to avoid for your next barbecue

The barbecue is to gastronomy what the flowery dress is to fashion: a summer must-have! Practical, user-friendly and, above all, extremely tasty, this method of cooking delights young and old alike throughout the summer. But you still have to know how to master it! We asked advice from Arnaud Mestdag, one of the two founders of the restaurant La Meute. Established in Ixelles, Uccle and, in a few months, in Waterloo, the brand is one of the favorite addresses of carnivores. The concept is simple: you can enjoy exceptional meats, natural wines and craft beers.

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Too cold meat

This is the typical error of gourmets, hungry stomachs or impatient people: you take your meat out of the fridge and immediately put it on the grill (and I’m not going to throw you my skewer, because, let’s be honest, that happened to all of us). “You have to take your meat out of the fridge in advance so that it is at room temperature. If you take out a rib on the bone only 10 minutes before grilling it, the inside will still be at fridge temperature and you will get a ‘cold blue cheese’. The probe is a very practical tool, it allows you to easily control the temperature of the meat while letting you enjoy your guests. Once you’ve seared the meat, you prick it inside and wait for it to reach the desired temperature depending on the type of cooking you want. », explains Arnaud Mestdag.

Not placing your meat strategically

You don’t start a barbecue without a strategy. Like a football coach, you have to know how to place your pawns to get the best out of them. “All cuts can be cooked on the barbecue, but some fattier cuts, such as the rib on the bone or very marbled meat, must be kept away from the embers. Do not place a gold chop directly above the embers, because the fat will melt on them, which will cause large flames that will char your meat. This type of piece is therefore placed on the side, when the grill is very hot, so that it cooks gently. On the other hand, you can put a good pure filet, a sirloin or even a hamburger in a place closer to the embers. You can also place the skirt in this area, a less used but equally tasty piece if you have a butcher who knows how to clean it perfectly. », continues the expert.

Leave the lid constantly open

Rare are those who cook their meat by closing the lid of the barbecue, yet this accessory is not there by chance! Cooking without a lid is not a major mistake (let it be said, you won’t miss your BBQ if you do without it), but the meat will be even tastier if you use it. “This allows the heat to turn and cook the meat gently. The fat will melt slowly and your meat will be very tender. »assures Arnaud Mestdag.

Don’t let the meat rest

Even if our stomach is crying out for food, we shouldn’t jump on the meat once it’s cooked, it’s better to let it rest, a small sacrifice that will be rewarded with maximum taste and tenderness. after our expert! “Generally, the meat should rest for at least half of the cooking time. If you cut your meat directly, the juices will run out, so let it rest in a foil-lined dish. In the meantime, cook your skewers! In this way, your meat will be tasty and super tender. »

Provide too much meat

Ethics, our expert finally stresses the importance of not having your eyes bigger than your stomach. “My final piece of advice? Pay attention to the portions and avoid planning too much meat, it would be a shame to waste pieces of such quality. We must also not lose sight of the pleasure side and spend your time stressing over the cooking, because a barbecue is always a friendly moment, so enjoy it! »concludes our friendly expert.

SOS BBQ last minute

Have these few lines made you want to organize a last minute BBQ? If you are looking for exceptional meats (or if your favorite butcher is closed), know that La Meute now offers a take-away butcher service. During the opening hours of the restaurant, you can come and order top quality meats from Europe as well as perfect accompaniments for the BBQ (fries, coleslaw, artisanally brewed beers). A concept born during confinement and relaunched this season. You can order the same day, within reason, of course. “If someone calls us the same day to take 30 ribs on the bone, the rest of the weekend will be complicated for us”, says Arnaud, laughing. Very soon, La Meute will land in Waterloo as well as on the Proxideal delivery platform.

La Meute, Rue Lesbroussart 6, Ixelles 1050 and Place Saint-Job 37, Uccle 1180.

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